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Information Technology is touching every aspect of our lives. Be it the way we obtain information, or the way we share the same with our friends. For business owners, these days it has turned out to be absolutely essential to introduce their business to their online world. Since the number of internet users around the world is shooting up at a rapid pace, therefore it would be a blunder to underestimate the power and potential of the online market. Nevertheless, we do believe that business owners and entrepreneurs are recognizing the importance of taking their business online, and this is the reason why they look for a website design and development company that can fulfil their business needs. Well, this is what we do at JL-Designs.

My interest in IT, started at a young age when I successfully hard networked various systems together. I was also interested in Web and Graphics design and this started my career when I began working on various non-commercial and commercial projects ranging from banners to full blown websites.

I self taught my trade starting with graphic design and then later moving onto web design and my skills grew rapidly with the ever expanding market. I honed my design skills by developing the art of creative design for which I am very happy to share with you. I decided this was the career I wanted to pursue and attended college to gain qualifications in my trade.

Today, I have reached the level that I am happy and confidently able to offer you a service that will surpass your requirements.


This portion of the process is where we begin to get ideas flowing for your website. We won’t continue until we are sure you have a design you love and will be proud of your clients viewing.


This is where we feed our web imagination and tinker with what you have given to create… Whilst you sit back and have a nice cup of coffee. Don’t worry, it won’t be long now!


The design is on development, and ready to be pushed live as soon as you say go! Are you happy with it? Better yet, do you love it? Of course you do! Ready, set, go live!

Any Layout Imaginable

Before we start, I have to first feed your own web imagination by offering to you any layout imaginable to tantalize your http taste buds. This includes:

  • Clean cut designs
  • To the point – with maximum SEO potential
  • Exciting & enticing design
  • Graphically stunning
  • Innovative designs

with your client in mind…


Stepping into the world of internet is really easy. All you have to do is think of a domain name; check if it is available and then buy it. Then you have to purchase hosting services, hire a web designer, and the job is done. So, will the newly designed website pour in cash for you? Not necessary. We firmly believe that the real game lies in how well the website has been designed, particularly from the SEO (search engine optimization) point of view. When you hire a web design company, make sure it has a good amount of knowledge and experience in optimizing websites. It is absolutely necessary because without the power of SEO, your website will lag behind in the race or competition. This is the reason why we at JL-Designs put so much emphasis on the importance of mobile and tablet friendly websites. Yes, we are talking about responsive web designing, which our IT firm JL-Designs can offer you at reasonable rates.

The top IT companies around the world put a lot of emphasis on the optimization and marketing of their clients’ websites. Mass email service is one such tool used by the IT companies when it comes to promoting a brand or product. Mass emailing is about sending marketing emails in bulk to your potential customers. It is also a method used by the IT companies to stay in touch with their targeted customers. So, we think that these are the things that really matter when it comes to taking a business online.

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Just a small selection of my work…

Insight Design
Insight Design
Sheridan Oliver
Sheridan Oliver
MDK Photography
MDK Photography


Various services I offer


We will help promote your business on a global scale with a rich full-featured design that will incorporate your company accreditation’ & sponsors.


We promise graphics which are visually stunning and will promote your business to the highest level.


Whatever your business, we can design an email campaign which will capture your market and entice your clients.

IT Support

Your dedicated team will provide you with IT support around the clock ensuring your business issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Managed Infrastructure

We will manage and Implement IT projects that will improve operational efficiency throughout the business.

Fixed Price Consulting

For a fixed monthly fee we will act as your ‘IT Manager’ and take full responsibility of all of your IT Systems and infrastructure.



Looking to try to keep everything under one roof? Well, now you can. Shoot over to AROServer.co.uk to see our insanely cheap website hosting packages.


Whether it’s iMap, Pop3 or even Hosted Exchange, it’s now easier than ever to have all of your emails under a private domain.


Looking to just host your blog? Sounds like a plan! We have a plan tailored to even the most avid blogger.

SEO Website Hosting

Our superb SEO Hosting allows you to boost your sales and your company name.

VPS Server Hosting

Experience our super powerful VPS servers in a choice of locations to suit your needs.

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